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Welcome to the NEXUS WARDENS guild website!

The Nexus Wardens are a casual all-purpose RP guild in the game Rift: Planes of Telara. We play as Defiant on the Sunrest (PvP-RP) Shard. We run on Eastern time.

Our goal as a guild is just to relax and have a good time. We feel that too many people take their games too seriously and so, we will never require a member to raid or PvP or really do anything beyond logging in and having a good time. We do plan to engage in some endgame raids and PvP but this is by no means a requirement and it will not interfere with our guild activities with lower level members.

As far as RP goes, we are a Chaotic Good Defiant guild. After seeing what Regulos did to Telara, we will stop at nothing to close the rifts and save our world. We will allow neither Guardians nor Riftspawn to stand in our way. We will fight no matter the cost because if we fail, we lose everything.  If someone stands in our way, they will be destroyed, regardless of their motives. If we allow them to slow us down, then not only would they die, but they would bring all of Telara down with them.

Guild News


Haraxius, Jul 28, 11 2:18 AM.
We hit a rough spot, I know! But we are on our way back up! We are playing again and recruiting again. I have removed alot of dead weight so that should be good. Also updated the visuals on this here website! Looks much richer and I think really adds to the livelyness of the place! Hope to see you in Telara soon!

Hacks, roleplay, and Foul Cascade!

Haraxius, May 7, 11 10:19 PM.
Lillyan has been hacked! Which majorly sucks! She has already received the gear and such that she lost (Trion seams to be on top of things). But, we needed some way in-character to explain Lillyan being naked. So Lillyan was mugged and raped and thrown in a ditch by a group of (now dead ;) ) Guardians. Haraxius came to her rescue as did her friend Thatia... And somehow Cadwgan got thrown into the mix! An interesting night, indeed ;) Also, we did an in-character run of Foul Cascade tonight. Present was Haraxius, Carthend, and Lillyan. We ran around, killed shit, I lit lots of fires, and Lillyan was impregnated by the boss several times... Seriously awkward ;) At the conclusion of the adventure, Lillyan was promoted to the rank of Warden, making her a full member of the Nexus Wardens! Congratulations!

PS: Remember, you are not eligible fo promotion until you have registered on this website!

Guild Questing!

Haraxius, Apr 30, 11 11:40 AM.
Last night the Nexus Wardens got together for some RP and Rifting! We met in Granite Falls for some RP and then went on to Scarlet Gorge to work the the guild quest. Collectively we killed over 500 riftspawn towards the 1000 we need for the guild quest! I have also updated to the roster on the guild website to be integrated with Rift via the /dumpguild command. And finally, congratulations to several members who were promoted from Recruit to Lesser Warden this week!

Grim Harvest

Haraxius, Apr 17, 11 10:58 AM.
Woohoo! Yesterday's event was great! Aside from a few (hundred?) server restarts, it went off without a hitch! Nexus Wardens across Telara rose up to halt Alsbeth's attack. In Scarwood Reach, Carthend and I led a small army of roleplayers in defense of Perspice. We spent an hour or two roleplaying in the tavern there waiting for the event to start. Once it began we came down upon the minions of death and it was quickly over. In Scarwood Reach there were three bosses: One for Defiant, one for Guardians, and one for whomever kills their boss first. We had no casualties and destroyed our two bosses in time to head into Guardian territory and teach those zealots how to do it. We then headed to Caer Mathos in Stilmoore where Guardians and Defiant united to kill each other and spam /kneel (idiots). The server crashed several times but eventually we fought back Alsbeth and got our well-deserved "the Soul Survivor" titles.

Well done, Wardens.

Guild Level 2 and Admins Save the Mead Garden!

Haraxius, Mar 18, 11 9:42 PM.
Today the Nexus Wardens reached guild level 2! We purchased two new perks as well. We upgraded planar extraction to get even MORE bonus loot from rifts. Then we purchased the Guild Rally Banner! The way the rally banner works is this: a high-ranking officer calls the guild to rally by dropping the banner on the ground. Any guild member may then use a rally scroll and they will be teleported to the guild banner. Rally scrolls are available for 10 gold each from the guild items vendor on the first floor of Orphiel's Spire in Meridian.

Our first venture as a level two guild was a journey to the Realm of the Fae, deep in guardian territory. A guild rally banner was used at the entrance and everyone online used their rally scrolls to assemble! We fought through the realms of spring, summer, and autumn. Unfortunately, as we were about to desecrate the mead garden of the autumn boss, the servers went down for an update. We will be trying again tomorrow!

As a side note, there is a new guild quest to kill 50 guardians that are level 10 or higher, so hit those war fronts this week!
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